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Clean up your record before it is too late. Ohio expungement laws have changed in the last couple years making it easier to expunge your criminal record and keep potential employers and others from seeing your past.

Free Consultation

During your free consultation Nicholas will help determine if you are eligible to have your record sealed.  This consultation is free and you will know if you are eligible before you pay. You may be eligible even if you have multiple convictions.

Am I Eligible for an Expungement?

You may be eligible to have your record expunged if you do:

  • not more than one felony conviction,
  • not more than two misdemeanor convictions if the convictions are not of the same offense, or
  • not more than one felony conviction and one misdemeanor conviction in Ohio or any other jurisdiction.

Unfortunately even if you meet the above requirements, under current law certain convictions are never expungeable, some of which include:

  • Any first or second degree felony
  • Any offense with a mandatory prison term
  • Any ‘offense of violence’ excluding misdemeanor assault
  • Some sexual offenses
  • Most traffic offenses

Expunge Non-Convictions

Even if you are found not-guilty or a charge was dismissed, it may still appear on a background check.  These non-convictions are usually eligible for expungement.  The process for expunging non-convictions in many counties is relatively simple and an attorney may not be necessary.

Expunge Minor Misdemeanors

You are eligible to have unlimited minor misdemeanors expunged, such as disorderly conduct and pot tickets.

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If you have questions about expunging your record contact Nicholas Klingensmith at 513-258-2377 for a free consultation.