What Should I do if I’m Pulled Over?

1. Remain Calm. Take a deep breath and relax.‚Äč

2. Use your turn signal when pulling over and pull over in a safe spot.

3. Roll down your window all the way. Nothing raises a police officers suspicion like a barely cracked window.

4. Say very little. Remember everything you say and do is likely being recorded. The only information you have to give the police officer, is your Name, Date of Birth, Address and Social Security Number.

5. Be Polite.

6. Refuse to answer any other questions until you speak to an attorney.

7. Step out of the car if requested to by the police officer.

8. Refuse the field sobriety tests if you have been drinking. Unlike refusing the breath test, there is absolutely no penalty for refusing the field sobriety tests.

9. Ask to speak to an attorney before submitting to a breath test or other chemical test.